Your look - our business card

A well-groomed appearance starts with your hairstyle - your beautiful look is our topmost concern.

That includes a comfortable ambiance as well as a gracious staff. Both you will find at Friseur Christine Wolf.

The warm and cozy summer colors of our completely renovated facilities will immediately put you in a good mood.

As a customer you will experience the remarkably good working atmosphere as a result of the long-term commitment to our staff.

Kids welcome!

You don’t have a baby-sitter during your appointment with us?

What about just taking your kids with you?

In our playground there is a lot to discover. And while you are relaxing our kids-loving staff will take care of them.

Selected products - best results

Master chefs know: only the best ingredients can lead to a perfect result. We agree!

We only use exclusive L’Oréal products because they take good care of your hair and convince by natural results.

We also offer care and finish products for your home use

With these products colors shine longer, reshapes stay longer and your hair is easier to style. We are more than happy to advise you.

Our price

(incl. Loreal and Redken products)

Men Price in €
incl. washing, cutting, blow-drying 30,-
Cut 30,-
Wash & Blow Dry 22,- | 34,-
Heat styling 10,- | 20,-
Washing & Cutting 36,-
Students & Pupils
Discount -20%
Permanent wave service
short 60,-
medium 85,-
long 120,-
Coloring ab 34,- | 55,- | 65,-
Foil strands ab 50,- | 85,- | 120,-
Balayage / Painting ab 65,- | 120,-
Glossing ab 20,- | 35,- | 50,-
Care ab 10,- | 15,- | 25,-
Quick cure 5,-
Updo hair style After arrangement
Bridal service After arrangement
Pluck eyebrows 10,-
Eyebrows dye 10,-
dye eyelashes 15,-

Contact us!


You can plan your visit with us by simply making an appointment by telephone - even in the short term. Of course, you can also go by spontaneously. If our demotion allows it, take for granted time for you and her hairstyle. If you can not make an appointment, it is not a problem if you contact us in time.

Cash or EC card - You have the choice

With us you have the choice whether you want to pay cash or with EC card